Our Product

Currently Bluegrass Advanced Materials (BAM) is developing an oral treatment for the frequently painful oral inflammation and ulceration (Oral Mucositis) associated with the adverse effects of chemo and radiation therapies. This treatment will utilize the antioxidant polymer technology created by BAM.

Our lead product, which is an oral rinse will provide patients with an easy to use treatment that will deliver our proprietary formulation over an extended period of time.  Therefore only requiring the patient to use it twice a daily.

Other Development Opportunities

BAM's antioxidant polymers can be formulated as gels, films, powders, nanoparticles, fiber and pastes and will assist a wide variety of companies by providing an natural antioxidant delivery system that can be used in numerous applications. 

Pharmaceutical, biomedical, food, cosmetic, plastics, adhesive and lubricant companies can each use BAM technology to improve their existing products.